Save the Orange Peels – 10 Ways to Reuse Them

save the orange peels

There are numerous reasons why you should save citrus peels – lemon, orange and grapefruit peels can be used in various applications around the house! In this article, we will discuss orange peels in particular – give them a second life! Little did you know that you can polish your sink or make a natural body scrub with a couple of orange peels! Read on and check our suggestions out!

  • Give aroma to your home – when you want to make your whole house smell fresh and relaxing, simmer some orange peels in a pot and add some vanilla and one or two cinnamon sticks. This aromatic mixture will quickly whiffle around your house and cover any lingering odours from last night`s dish. Once you are done you can fill a spray bottle with this solution and use when you want to feel a citrusy freshness. It is a great finish when you have finished with your domestic cleaning – this natural air freshener will be the cherry on top.
  • Do you know how you can make your own firelighters? When you are camping this tip will definitely come in handy. Orange peels are naturally flammable so they are perfect for kindling. What you need to do is to dry strips of the peel in the air and use them when you need them. A little tip you can use is to wrap them with a dryer lint – your bonfires and barbeques will go faster.
  • Speaking of sprays, why don`t you try making your own natural anti-ant-spray? Simply chop few orange peels and place them in a spray bottle. Fill the rest with water, shake and let this mixture infuse overnight. In the morning spray wherever you have deterred ants – they hate the smell of orange.
  • Did you know that you can make your own multi-purpose cleanser using orange peels? You have to be patient but it will worth it, we promise! Add the peels in a jar (as much as you can fit without hassle), fill the rest with white vinegar and leave the mixture for about 2 weeks. You are advised to turn the jar upside down every day. Keep it in a dark place and when the time has passed, filter out the liquid. The final result is a powerful disinfectant and has incredible degreasing power. When you are ahead of a deep sanitising such as one-off or an end of tenancy cleaning, use this super-efficient homemade cleaning detergent for an immaculate outcome! It does miracles to greasy ovens and countertops.
  • Probably one of the tastiest application of orange peels is this one – make some tea! Boil the peels for about 10 minutes, add honey and strain apples and cinnamon and enjoy your delicious cup of tea.
  • Another helpful trick to try is to deodorise your garbage disposal – throw some orange peels on the bottom of the can and it will absorb the unpleasant odours.
  • An amazing application of orange peels is this homemade body scrub. Add citrus peels to a container with granulated sugar and leave for several days. Don`t forget to shake it every day. When you open it after a couple of days, the sugar will have infused the citrus smell. Add one or two tablespoons of coconut oil ( you should form a thick paste) and use in the shower! You will keep your skin exfoliated and moisturised.
  • If you are a fan of baking, you can make your own flavoured sugar. Air dry the orange peels and finely chop them in a blender. Place the powder in a small jar and mix with castor sugar. Every time you want to make a cake, muffins, crème or anything else that pairs up well with orange, use your secret weapon. Extra baking tip: to keep your brown sugar soft, place an orange peel in the pack.
  • If you want an all natural seed starter, use an orange cut in half. Scoop the core and place some soil and grow your seedling.
  • If you want to make a flavoured vodka, take the peels of about 5-6 oranges and cover them with vodka. Let them sit for about a month. Don`t miss to shake gently every other day. You can add vanilla or cinnamon extract to taste.

Oranges are beloved fruit filled with vitamins and happiness. Their fragrance is praised as it is widely used in cosmetics. They also have incredible sanitising properties – we all know about the cleaning power of citrus. Next time you enjoy an orange, save the peels and pick your favourite alternative use to try.

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