5 Widespread Stainless Steel Cleaning Techniques

stainless steel cleaning tips

Nowadays stainless steel is a widespread material known for its durability and exceptional anti-corrosion properties. It is mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms and despite the fact it is not the cheapest option on the market, your investment is likely to pay off as the proper maintenance technique guarantees you will not have to think about replacement at least for several years.

by Colin Duncan

How to Remove 8 of The Most Common Carpet Stains

carpet stains removal

If you want your room to look stylish then you should definitely consider the option of buying a carpet. However, the top quality materials are inevitably associated with higher price. Even if you invest in an expensive carpet, there is not a guarantee that it will look as good as it was when you first saw in at the store. Actually, how long your carpet will serve depends on you.

by Jessica Taylor
plastic food container

Make Your Plastic Food Containers Last Longer

plastic food container

Every household should have plastic food storage containers – they are portable, convenient and don’t break easily. However, they tend to get stained easily especially when you store food that is acidic or contains brightly dyed substances – you definitely have faced the never-ending scrubbing after keeping pasta with tomato sauce in your containerIn order to prolong their lifespan and make your plastic containers look presentable for longer, read on and check our advice below!

by Clarissa