How to Motivate Yourself to Clean

how to get motiveated to clean

Unless you are a germaphobe or a neat freak, you probably regard house cleaning as a tiresome project you are supposed to perform on a regular basis. Of course, the easiest way to get rid of that burden is to hire cleaning professionals, although that is a two-blade knife, especially if you are too demanding. Despite the great number of cleaning companies, finding a reliable one can be a real

challenge. If you, for one reason or another, prefer to do the cleaning on your own but lack the motivation to spend a couple of hours in sanitising, scrubbing and dusting, here are a few ideas that can help you make your house as clean as you have always wanted.

  • Invite friends or family for a dinner. Now imagine how embarrassing it would be to invite them in the messy living room or to the dirty kitchen where the floor is sticky and the countertop is covered with stains. That’s a pretty effective strategy that encourages you to run your domestic cleaning. Plus, when you know that you will play host to a gathering, you will focus on performing the cleaning chores as quickly as possible and do your best to avoid all distractions. Another option is to imagine that your local domestic cleaners will come for an inspection afterwards, so you should have achieved immaculate results in order to pass this ‘test’.
  • If cleaning is the most unpleasant task you have to handle during the day, do it first when you still feel energetic. Postponing it for later would not lead to anything good. You can even make a list of the cleaning chores you have to complete and start with the least pleasant one. If you consider scrubbing the bathroom tiles a dreadful activity, do it first. If the carpet cleaning is the second least pleasant chore, do it right after you clean the bathroom. That technique contradicts a bit with the golden housekeeping rule to clean from top to the bottom, but at least, you will pay attention to the most problematic areas at home regardless of the order you set.
  • If you are unwilling to do all the cleaning procedures at once, divide them into small, manageable tasks. Set aside a couple of minutes every day to clean a certain area.
  • Turn on your favourite music while cleaning or schedule a pleasant activity to indulge in after completing the tiresome domestic cleaning chores. A meeting with friends, going to the cinema, reading a book, hitting the sales, everything works.
  • When you are done vacuuming, you can put your headphones on and catch up with a friend you haven’t heard of in a while. You will not notice when the time has passed and all of a sudden, the bathroom is clean and you can proceed with dusting or ironing. Some people consider talking and cleaning a bit distracting, but if you love multitasking that might work for you.
  • If you want to focus solely on performing the cleaning tasks, it might be useful to set a timer for each cleaning procedure you need to carry out. if you have a total of two hours to make the house look presentable, set aside 20 minutes for vacuuming, 20 minutes for tidying up the living room, 10 minutes for cleaning the oven, etc.
  • House cleaning chores might not be that tedious provided that you change your attitude towards cleaning. If you regard the cleaning chores as a workout, that will definitely help you complete them faster. The more intensive your improvised workout is, the more calories you burn. Plus, think about the freshness and the feeling you get when you see the house looking good.
  • Engage the other members of the family to help you with the house chores. Believe it or not, cleaning can strengthen the relationship between you. You will work as a team and everyone will contribute towards completing the mission of making the house look and smell amazing.
  • No matter if you do the cleaning on your own or you have helpers, don’t forget to reward yourself for the job well- done. Prepare a delicious meal, go for a walk or practice your favourite hobby.

Everyone has had one of those moments when they do not want to do anything let alone cleaning the house. It might not a big deal to skip the weekly cleaning once, but make sure you make up for the skip the next week. Last but not least, using appropriate cleaning supplies is essential for optimising the cleaning process and achieving the desired end results. Using a multi-purpose cleaner is a nice option, but if you really want to ensure the healthy atmosphere at home, take your time and choose your cleaning supplies according to the specifications of your household. Using homemade cleaning solutions is also a nice idea, but you have to keep in mind that it usually takes some more time for the ingredients to take effect.

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