Deep Clean Your Bedroom – Step by Step

Deep Clean Your Bedroom – Step by Step

Bedrooms tend to be one of the rooms that accumulate most clutter – everything from clothes, books, beauty products to dirty laundry hiding under the bed, can be found in this room. Not to mention that usually every flat surface turns into a shelf and you store random objects which don`t belong there. How are you supposed to deal with that? What your bedroom needs is a deep clean and decluttering – below you will find our suggestions on efficient cleaning. Your bedroom should be a calming and relaxing place – being disorganised and cluttered definitely doesn`t provoke this effect. Get your bedroom into the shape that it should have!

  • Before you start tackling the room, take off your bedding and put it in the laundry. After everything except for the mattress is in the washing machine, proceed with the following tasks. Arm yourself with a laundry basket and start picking up items that do not belong to that room. Collect any garbage and magazines you want to recycle. When you are done with that, it will be way easier to concentrate on the cleaning as if random items are around, they will just distract you.  
  • Roll up your sleeve and get ready for some elbow grease – it`s time for cleaning! Prepare yourself – have a microfibre cloth on hand to dust and wipe surfaces. You can start with the headboard of your bed. If it is a wooden one, spray with furniture polish and wipe it with the cloth. However, if it is an upholstered one, make sure you vacuum it thoroughly as headboards collect a lot of dust. If there are any surface stains, treat them with some white vinegar. Usually, there are some dirty spots from arms and heads body oils when touching the headboard when sleeping. They may be stubborn so you can include this area next time you book upholstery cleaning.
  • Our next suggestion is to spread a flat sheet on the mattress so you can use it as a work surface. Remove the items from the dresser, nightstands and shelves. Now you can efficiently wipe those surfaces clean with some multipurpose detergent. If there are any books, dust them too. Small items like candles and souvenirs collect a lot of dust so you can either decide to remove some of them from your bedroom or store some of them in a shoe box. Place some objects that are not that frequently used in the drawer so they don`t take space on top of the nightstands. You can leave some spare room for a glass of water, your glasses, a charger and your cell phone. The idea is to ‘hide’ the things that may form clutter.
  • What`s next? Dust the rest of the room. Believe it or not, your walls are very dusty – you are advised to your vacuum cleaner so you can efficiently clean them. Don`t forget to reach out for the corners in case some cobwebs are hiding there. Don`t miss to remove dust from your ceiling fan! Use a pillow case – it is the easiest yet most effective way. If there are paintings in your room clean the dust off of them with a piece of bread.
  • Now, wipe clean windows and mirrors. If you don`t want to use chemicals, use hydrogen peroxide – we promise your glass surfaces will be sparkling. Wash drapes or blinds as needed.
  • When your bedding is dry, make your bed. You can also fluff your pillows in the dryer with some tennis balls.
  • Optional – if you have enough time, clean out your closet! This can be very time-consuming so you can either start with it or leave it for another day. Wash your clothes and check if some of them don`t fit anymore or are simply worn out. Hang up delicate items. Make space for new clothing and organise it in a way everything is easily accessible.
  • Now that you are done with every step of the deep clean, it`s time for the flooring. No matter if you have wooden floor or carpet, leave it for the last. Vacuum and mop with a suitable detergent. If you have installed a carpet, consider professional carpet cleaning – your bedroom is a place that accumulates a lot of dust and you don`t want to inhale it while sleeping. Plus your carpet will be revived!
  • Some extra tips – play some music or listen to an audio book. Don`t skip to clean under your bed – you won`t believe how many dust bunnies are trapped in there. You can add an aromatherapy lamp with lavender essential oil – it will provide you with a better good night’s sleep!

Of course, every bedroom is different but these are the basics you should follow. This may sound like a burdensome work and a lot of elbow grease but at the end of the day when you enter your fresh bedroom, you will see it was worth it!

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