13 Smart Uses of Epsom Salt


Epsom salt is not your regular salt! Don`t try putting it on your fries as you may have an unexpected experience (hint: it is a laxative)! Its name comes from a spring at Epsom in Surrey. It is a naturally-occurring mineral compound of sulphate and magnesium. It has many benefits – from nice relaxing Epsom salt baths to cleaning your bathroom, below you will find its various applications. It is known to help you flush out toxins and improve absorption of nutrients. Check our suggestions and don`t miss to try them!

  • Let`s start with the beauty uses! If you have greasy hair, you will find this trick very helpful. Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt to your shampoo and it will help you get rid of the excessive oil. Rinse as usual afterwards.
  • To add extra volume to your hair, mix 1:1 ratio Epsom salt and sulfate-free conditioner. Warm this solution a little and apply over your hair. Leave it for up to half an hour and rinse. You will notice your hair has a playful volume – you will look like in the commercials of hair products!
  • Make your lips soft and plump – exfoliate them by massaging them with petroleum jelly and some Epsom salt. Your lips will be perfectly exfoliated – your lipstick will last more hours!
  • Epsom salt makes an amazing foot scrub! If you suffer from dry, cracked feet, mix olive oil, Epsom salt, castile soap and essential oil of your preference. Scrub your feet with this mixture twice a week and you will notice a difference!
  • Everyone hates blackheads! Yet, Epsom salt is here to help you with this issue! Exfoliate your face to remove the dead skin and make a mixture of a teaspoon Epsom salt, 4 drops of iodine and half a cup of hot water. Dissolve the salt and let this solution cool until it is lukewarm. Apply with gentle massage motions on the affected areas and let it dry. Rinse your face and enjoy the immaculate results!
  • Now, let`s check the household uses of Epsom salt. Your washing machine is one of those appliances which is often neglected when it is time to clean it. However, laundry detergents build up inside of it may affect its functions so you are recommended to clean it occasionally. Your local domestic cleaners recommend adding a cup of white vinegar and a cup of Epsom salt to your machine and running an empty cycle.
  • Another great application – you can clean your whole house with a simple solution starring Epsom salt. Make a mixture of Epsom salt and a few drops of dish soap and you can clean grouts and other stained surfaces super efficiently! When you have to make your home sparkling and you have to perform a one-off or an end of tenancy cleaning to bring back the original good looks of the property, use this solution. Don`t forget to let it soak for a couple of minutes for even better results!
  • What about the health uses of Epsom salt? If you have a headache, you are advised to take a bath with Epsom salt. It will relieve the tension in the muscles which is the usual reason behind headaches.
  • If you have been drinking all night and you are hungover, drink some water with a teaspoon of Epsom salt in it. Keep drinking a lot of water after that – the salt will help you to flush out the toxins!
  • We`ve mentioned that Epsom salt baths are very beneficial but why exactly do they work? Epsom salts are easily absorbed through your skin and start working inside your body. Magnesium ions relieve stress as they promote the production of serotonin and reduce the effects of adrenaline. Another benefit of magnesium is that is it helps us feel energised but at the same time, it reduces anxiety. This makes such baths perfect for promoting better sleep as the muscles are relieved and anxiety is gone.
  • How to use Epsom salt in your garden? Epsom salt can be great for keeping your plants in top shape! If you want to encourage your rose bushes to produce bigger flowers with deeper and richer colours, sprinkle some Epsom salt when you plant them.
  • If you want an inexpensive slug repellent, sprinkle some Epsom salt around your plants. Slugs hate it and it will keep them away!
  • If you want to make your lawns greener, water them with a gallon of water with 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in it. The magnesium will prevent your grass from yellowing.

You didn`t know that Epsom salt could do so much, did you? Make sure you have some at home – you never know whether you will need it for a minor health issue or you will need some inexpensive grout cleaner! You can never go wrong buying a pack next time you head to the store!

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