11 Uses of Old Shoe Boxes

uses of old shoe boxe

Almost all items nowadays can be recycled, especially if they are made of paper. Reusing old items is a part of recycling, too so you can contribute to the protection of the environment by finding different ways to put them into practice again. Shoe boxes are such items – you have probably collected a lot of them at your house, still many people don’t want to throw them away.If you are among these people and you are wondering what to do with them, turn these boxes into something useful. Each of them can be used. The size does not matter. So, all you need to do is unleash your imagination or…simply follow our ideas. Check them out:

  1. Wall shelves – first, pick up the boxes you will use and then paint them in the desired colour. Another option is the so-called decoupage technique: glue something beautiful on them or use a napkin with an interesting pattern. After that, attach the boxes with screws to a wall. This unique shelf will fit perfectly in the room of your teenage girl, for instance. Of course, keep in mind that the shoe boxes are made of paper. Do not put any heavy things in them. A few books are just enough.

  1. Picnic box – summer is already here and now is the time for any sort of outdoor activities. So, before you go to the park nearby with your friends and family, take a slightly larger shoe box and put some fabrics in it. Attach two handles and a ribbon for decoration. Everybody is going to love your new picnic box!

  1. Box for sewing accessories – if you have always been wondering where to store your sewing accessories, then the old shoe box is the perfect match. Use our idea and you will be surprised how easy it will be to find everything needed. It will become even easier if you place a few smaller boxes to divide the bigger one.

  1. If you love animals, especially birds, then you can use the old shoe boxes to make a birdhouse. Just remember that the materials that you will cover the box with must be waterproof. The foil is the best option.

  1. You don’t have to buy a box for storing tea anymore. Use your old shoe boxes for that purpose. Of course, before you do, make sure that the boxes are clean and there is no smell left. You’d better glue the bottom and the interior walls of the box with paper.

  1. Shoe boxes are perfect for making a doll house. The idea will make your child very excited for sure! Do not waste more time and start ‘building’ a new beautiful home for her toys together!

  1. Why not use solar energy to cook anything? That may sound a bit strange but is far from impossible. Just make a solar oven out of a shoe box, covered on the inside with foil. You cannot expect 5-minute cooking because it all depends on the weather and the food you want to cook. If you find this idea interesting there is information on the web – just check it out!

  1. Use the old shoe boxes during your removal – if you have moved before, then you know how stressful event that may be. First, it is the whole process of packing, then the inevitable end of tenancy cleaning. Both of them can be time-consuming hard tasks but everything depends on your approach actually. The more organised you are, the better. Any type of boxes may come in handy, including shoe boxes. Name the boxes, so unpacking will not be difficult once you move in your new place.

  1. Are you invited to a birthday party soon? Instead of giving out cash for bags and packages of gifts, you can use a shoebox. With a little fantasy, you will create a wonderful gift pack.

  1. Use your old shoe boxes to make a desk organiser. If you put the empty rolls of toilet paper in them, then you will get a perfect stand for pens and pencils. Decorate the box in accordance with your personal taste. However, do not forget that you must make it fit the overall style of the room.

  1. Shoe boxes can help you declutter your home. In addition to the sewing accessories and the tea bags already mentioned, you can store a variety of other items in these seemingly useless boxes. Jewellery, cards, recipes, toys, paper towels, cloths, spices, CDs, books, etc. – that list could be endless. What is more, it is a good idea to label the boxes in some way, so you will know what is inside. For example, you can put your cleaning agents in one box, your cloths in another one and so on. Next time you are about to run domestic cleaning at home, you will know which box to open in order to get the right item.

Mostly, because of their rectangular shape, shoe boxes have a lot of practical applications at home. Sooner or later, you buy new shoes, therefore you get a shoe box. So, take your advantage out of it!

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