Bar soap or liquid soap – choose for yourself

Soap is one of the cosmetic products that we use most often – actually every day! Undoubtedly, there is soap in every household. But which option is the best, however, the classic More »

What and how to clean before a holiday

Holiday season is here! You must have already arranged the dreamt vacation or you are about to do it with all those exciting emotions and plans for sightseeing, sunbathing and relaxing on More »

What makes us feel homey?

Owning a house or getting the best renting price for an apartment isn’t enough to say you have a lovely home. The real home is a property that makes you feel good, More »

Secrets from the dishwasher

The dishwasher is quite useful appliance, moreover for big families or for people who throw parties frequently. But like every other electrical thing in your home it has some “tricks” that make More »

Bed and bath – energy saving tips for these rooms

It’s nice to relax sometimes but when bills come in the end of the month the result from the losing is hardly pleasant. Even if you apply some tips for saving money More »

Breakfast ideas for your husband

Your husband will love you even more if you make him one of these tasty breakfasts

How long is your marriage? If you have been a wife and a mother for a very long time, then our article is exactly for you. Here, we have gathered some super tasty options for breakfast after which, your husband will be much happier and satisfied. There’s no way, you are already curious, aren’t you? Continue reading and get ready for a delicious cooking marathon:

by Jessica Taylor
How to avoid Holiday overindulgence

How to survive the Winter season of unhealthy overindulgence

The upcoming weeks introduce a heady mix of food and drink – there is no doubt about that. So, what’s the conclusion? Unhealthy overindulgence will occur to almost everyone of us. What is the reality – noisy office parties; family get-togethers and gatherings. This festive Winter period is a menace for your digestive health. Rich food, combined of alcohol and sweets is definitely super unwholesome combo. Check out these expert advices and avoid these problems:      

by Colin Duncan
Winterville 2014

Are you ready for snow-white Winterville that arrives in Victoria Park?

This time of the year, London is frosty and cool. There is so much to do in London this December, that we don’t know where to begin from. Winterly attractions are literally at every single step. Put your festive smile and go out to have some fun around iced London city.

by Daren Anselmo
How to raise a twins

Expert useful tips on raising twins

Most parents fall into a real panic, when they expect twins. Raising multiples, of course, multiply the obligations. This makes young parents concerning. Though, there is actually no need of exaggerating. Everything has a solution and we have expert useful tips on raising twins for you:

by Caren Blane
Why you have to get product samples

Why getting samples, when shopping?

Any shopaholic will tell you one big shopping secret – getting samples is quite essential. Most people, though, avoid getting samples because of some unaccountable reasons. But if you deny getting samples, too, please remind yourself the philosophic saying “When life gives you something, simply take it!”. And stores, shopping centres and even small boutique, as well as large supermarket chains give samples, too. Why not taking them?

by Colin Duncan
Eat a rainbow

Eating by color

This is not an advertisement for food colorant despite Halloween that’s knocking on the door. Many nutrition specialists say that we are the things that we eat. You can conclude then that to be healthy, happy and full of life; you need to consume food in different colors. Indeed the colors of fruits, meats and vegetables are representation of the minerals and the vitamins that they content. Here are some tips how to choose your food to achieve the desired healthy nutrition.

by Jessica Taylor
Renovation or relocation

Renovate or relocate?

There comes a time for any property – especially the residential – to get wasted, not that attractive anymore and even impossible to live in. In other cases, a house might also get too tight, when a new family member comes in your life. All of these factors, as well as many others, may make you want to do something serious with your housing.

by Daren Anselmo
Energy saving tips

Save energy in your home office

Working from home seems to have more advantages than disadvantages. However, it’s only somebody, who has experienced it, might name several weak points that aren’t very nice. One of the most significant ones among them is the personal responsibility for your working environment. This includes paying electricity bills by your own, too. However, instead of considering going back to the boring office, change your domestic lifestyle. Save energy in your home office with the following tips:

by Caren Blane
Hanging the toilet paper correctly

Which is the correct way to hang toilet paper?

This is one of the major items in everyone’s toilet and sometimes we don’t notice it’s place but we definitely notice when we are out of paper. For many people this may sound insignificant but hanging your toilet paper on the right place in the right way can bring you extra comfort and, incredibly, can save you money. Check how to do the thing the right way!

by Colin Duncan
Healthy pregnancy

Future moms must follow these healthy rules

Being in expectation of a child is probably the most natural and miraculous role of the woman. And despite this, it is one of the hardest periods that woman goes through. Your body changes fast and in multiple ways, after the third month you can feel the fetus moving and you can hear its heart during medical examinations. It’s just amazing! But what can you do to go healthy and with as less extra weight as possible?

by Jessica Taylor