Bar soap or liquid soap – choose for yourself

Soap is one of the cosmetic products that we use most often – actually every day! Undoubtedly, there is soap in every household. But which option is the best, however, the classic More »

What and how to clean before a holiday

Holiday season is here! You must have already arranged the dreamt vacation or you are about to do it with all those exciting emotions and plans for sightseeing, sunbathing and relaxing on More »

What makes us feel homey?

Owning a house or getting the best renting price for an apartment isn’t enough to say you have a lovely home. The real home is a property that makes you feel good, More »

Secrets from the dishwasher

The dishwasher is quite useful appliance, moreover for big families or for people who throw parties frequently. But like every other electrical thing in your home it has some “tricks” that make More »

Bed and bath – energy saving tips for these rooms

It’s nice to relax sometimes but when bills come in the end of the month the result from the losing is hardly pleasant. Even if you apply some tips for saving money More »

Hanging the toilet paper correctly

Which is the correct way to hang toilet paper?

This is one of the major items in everyone’s toilet and sometimes we don’t notice it’s place but we definitely notice when we are out of paper. For many people this may sound insignificant but hanging your toilet paper on the right place in the right way can bring you extra comfort and, incredibly, can save you money. Check how to do the thing the right way!

by Colin Duncan
Healthy pregnancy

Future moms must follow these healthy rules

Being in expectation of a child is probably the most natural and miraculous role of the woman. And despite this, it is one of the hardest periods that woman goes through. Your body changes fast and in multiple ways, after the third month you can feel the fetus moving and you can hear its heart during medical examinations. It’s just amazing! But what can you do to go healthy and with as less extra weight as possible?

by Jessica Taylor
Artistic design ideas

Design ideas for artistic souls

The space between four walls becomes a real home, when it expresses the taste and individuality of people, who live there. Here are some design ideas for artistic souls:

by Daren Anselmo
Healthy diets

Do not confuse deprivation with healthy diets

When someone decides to lead healthy life, first thing they change is the way they eat, indeed the quantity and the type of food they consume. It’s good that person takes measures to change in positive way but some do it so extremely that it becomes dangerous. Here are some tips to help you distinguish healthy diet from one that will starve you without effect and some tips how to get the best from your changed nutrition.

by Caren Blane
Water tower home office

Unusual place to accommodate your office

If you work or you consider starting work at home, probably you have thought of a place to accommodate it. In many houses (the lack of) space is a serious problem, that’s why you have heard of all kind of unusual places to put the working space – basements, sheds, garages are the “usual”, but water tower?! A family that had to add office to their home found it in the 1920’s water tower they had in their yard. How did they turn it to a cozy office?

by Jessica Taylor
Bar soap vs. liquid soap

Bar soap or liquid soap – choose for yourself

Soap is one of the cosmetic products that we use most often – actually every day! Undoubtedly, there is soap in every household. But which option is the best, however, the classic bar soap or the liquid one? Both have their pros and cons. Find out which variant is the most suitable for you:

by Colin Duncan
Positive energy home

Less home accessories – more positive energy

Believe it or not, your home is a reflection of your inner self. According to Feng Shui, each subject in the furnishing, every decoration affects you! Whenever you want a change in your life, you have to throw away the old unnecessary items. Less home accessories – more positive energy! Here is what you should do:

by Daren Anselmo
Interior design conceptions

Western or eastern home interior – which one suits you more

You may like particular things for your home, but later, it might turn out that they are not suitable, efficient or affordable for you. The same refers to interior designs. Some people may believe that Baroque or Victorian-styled living rooms are just made for them, but eventually, their lifestyle will say something else – “With this mess you keep doing every day, all you deserve is empty minimalism”.

by Caren Blane
Office chair

Comfy office chair – the dream of every employee

Everybody that has spent more than four hours a day sitting knows how much for the person means a comfortable chair. It may sound exaggerated but going to work, every employee dreams of proper cushioning to sit on and for such height not to bump their knees every time they need to get up or sit. How to make such good deed for your employees or for your teammates?

by Jessica Taylor
Vestibule decorating ideas

Put the right decorating accent in the vestibule

Adding some really wonderful and interesting fresco in the vestibule will make the entire home look warmer, nicer and more welcoming. The entryway decoration task isn’t that hard, if you have a unique idea or some DIY adorning project in your head. What is more important, though, is to put the right decorating accent in the vestibule. Inspire by our specially tailored ideas and create a stunning entrance-hall atmosphere:

by Colin Duncan