Bar soap or liquid soap – choose for yourself

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What and how to clean before a holiday

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What makes us feel homey?

Owning a house or getting the best renting price for an apartment isn’t enough to say you have a lovely home. The real home is a property that makes you feel good, More »

Secrets from the dishwasher

The dishwasher is quite useful appliance, moreover for big families or for people who throw parties frequently. But like every other electrical thing in your home it has some “tricks” that make More »

Bed and bath – energy saving tips for these rooms

It’s nice to relax sometimes but when bills come in the end of the month the result from the losing is hardly pleasant. Even if you apply some tips for saving money More »

How To Slow own The Aging Process

How To Slow Down The Aging Process?

Perhaps there is no one who is not curious about the secrets of eternal youth, but are there really ways to slow down the aging process? Well, there is no magic elixir, but there are some little secrets that will preserve your youthful appearance longer.

by Daren Anselmo
3 mistakes women do in modern diets

Top 3 Mistakes In Today`s Diets

Staying fit and maintaining a good healthy level of both body and temper are among the most discussed themes nowadays. It has been proven than 68% of women are following some kind a diet, compared to mere 21% of men. Although those figures are relatively relevant to any country in the world, it is commonly accepted that women are more prone to gaining weight and respectively, more anxious to lose it.

When following a diet there are essential things that make it work the correct and desired way. Let us take a tour over the commonly met mistakes while dieting:

by Caren Blane
Kids practising yoga

Yoga For Kids – Why Not?

Different children need different types of sports, some are more energetic and search for the power, others like activities, requiring more concentration and perseverance. And maybe yoga is right sport for your child. Just to be informed – read about the numerous benefits of yoga for body and mind:

  • Yoga maintains flexibility of the body – asanas also promote internal massage of the organs and help them work better. By the way, you can ask your child to help you with the deep end of tenancy cleaning. It will be like a funny game and excellent gymnastics.
  • Yoga develops skills of balance and equilibrium – filling a specific position and holding it for some time is not an easy task, but with balance training body becomes more perfect.
by Colin Duncan
Make your child happy

Teach Your Child To Be Happy – Mission Possible

      Teach your child to see the happiness here and now. Show him/her the beauty of nature and open the door to art. Teach the kid to experience all wonderful emotions even from simple listening to music or reading a book. Do not ignore these things. They are not less important than to learn to dress stylishly or to eat healthy. All that will help the kid in the future to find its way to feel satisfied and happy. Here are some hacks:

  • Teach the child to enjoy the little things – when you can enjoy small things, small gestures, when you manage to appreciate the attention, then you will be able to enjoy everything. Show the kid that the value of the gift is less important than the love with which it is presented.

by Clarissa
6 cute picks for home office decor

6 cute picks for home office decor

Working from home is getting more and more popular nowadays. Here are a few ideas of how to create a comfortable and inspiring workplace at home.

  • Get yourself enough storage units and boxes. Chose different colors and shapes. Once again, be innovative and do not just use the regular ones – chose hand made boxes and containers.
by Jessica Taylor
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How to match modern and Victorian interior

         When you decide to buy or rent a house in London, it all comes to the choice – whether it should be a modern flat or a Victorian stylish house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and depending on what type of person you are, you can feel comfortable in both of them. The modern flat gives you 21st century feeling, while the Victorian interior is more like antique, like you move back to the 19th century with the high ceilings and wooden floors and French window from floor to ceiling. If you decide to move into a Victorian house, you can try to mix the Victorian style and the the modern one. Here is how you can match them.

by Daren Anselmo
Ways to get your kids to sleep

How to make your kid sleep?

In different periods of life babies, infants and children should take their regular dose of sleep to stay healthy. Sleep is vital for the still fragile organism of children. It contributes for the proper growth and development both physically and mentally. Check out these tips concerning your child’s sleep:

by Caren Blane
Royal Jelly - benefits and uses

Treatment with royal jelly

Royal jelly is another useful product of nature, which comes to us thanks to the work of bees. What can be treated with royal jelly and how does it heal? Read carefully and learn more about this amazing natural product!

by Jessica Taylor
Winter home decor

Home decor guidelines inspired by winter

Winter is a beautiful season, there is no doubt about that. Have you ever considered the idea to get inspired by nature during cold months and to decorate your home with elements reminiscent of winter days? See 5 recommendations for decor inspired by winter season:

by Colin Duncan
Photographing siblings

How to take pictures of siblings – hacks

Having 2 kids is wonderful. They can play together, they can learn so many things. Siblings grow up, learning to share their belongings, to take care of each other and to feel greater empathy. Perhaps you love to take pictures of your sweet kids. Here are some hacks that will help you to make better pictures of your siblings together:

by Clarissa