Read this before you request your floor sanding service

In case your wooden floor is worn, scratched and stained, you don’t have to worry at all. There will be no need to save money for a brand new surface. All you More »

4 advantages of professional wood floor sanding

Nowadays, professional floor procedures are popular not only because of the lack of time homeowners face but also because a reliable flooring company can guarantee outstanding end results for at a sensible More »

Food of the future – cassava

Bushy plant cassava originates from South America and is distributed throughout the tropical regions and Thailand. It produces popular tapioca, which feeds 1/3 of Africa. More »

The Best Health Improvement Activities You Can Do At Home!

The secret to long life and good help is probably simple. And many simple things, by the way, can improve your health and make your life longer. You just need to listen More »

Tall Ladies Have Problems, Too!

The standard opinion about tall women is that they are blessed, because they look like models and they do not need to damage their legs with high heels or their organism with More »

Old desk makeover

Bring your old desk back to life

You definitely have some old desk that you can’t call trendy or stylish anymore. It is absolutely normal for furniture to lose its fresh looks as the time passes. But don’t even dare to throw it away! Give it another chance by refurbishing it. Invest some of your free time in this project and you won’t regret it! Check these relatively easy steps.

by Daren Anselmo
Kitchen Floor Sanitizing Tips

Kitchen Floor Cleaning Secrets

By default, kitchen is the messiest place in every household. No matter how much time and efforts you dedicate to cleaning, you never get the desired end result. In the best case, the kitchen will be clean for no longer than 2 or 3 hours. Yet, there are some cleaning techniques you can adopt if you want to have a neat and clean kitchen floor without spending too much time in cleaning:

by Jessica Taylor
Thai elements in home interior

Thai Touches In Home Decor

Who doesn’t like Thai design? From its mesmerizing colorful tapestries to the unique carve wood decorations – you can make every interior one and only just by adding a single piece of Thai art. Check out these home improvement tips inspired by Thailand:

by Clarissa

How to remove dye stains from a bathtub

How to remove dye stains from a bathtubKeeping the bathroom ideally clean might be among your top priorities but if you never manage to achieve the impeccable results you hope for, then, you must be doing something wrong. Let’s discuss the bathtub stains you find really difficult to remove. All too often, the commercial detergents are not effective on stubborn stains such as dye and most homeowners think that the stain is going to stay forever. Well, to a certain extent that’s right. If you have not treated the stain on time, you might be supposed to deal with it until you get a new bathtub. However, you lose nothing if you try the following solutions:

by Jessica Taylor

How to clean electronic devices

how-to-clean-laptop-screen-575x379According to a recent study, the surface of your mobile phone contains more germs than the toilet and the kitchen. After all, a few people wash their hands after using their mobile devices and that’s the main reason why millions of germs and bacteria inhabit them. Cleaning the electronic devices is a task many of us underestimate. Germs are invisible with a naked eye and you are probably among those people who wipe down the computer keyboard only when they see dust on it. However, there is another side of the coin. No matter how often you vacuum the carpet and sanitize the bathroom, you can hardly get rid of bacteria if you don’t pay attention to the electronic devices.

by Colin Duncan

Cleaning tile grout tips

cleaning tile tipsGrout cleaning is probably the most important process when cleaning the tile in your bathroom and kitchen. The grout is that coloured sealing agent that fills the gaps between the tiles, its colour match the colour of the tiles. Unfortunately, the grout is where the mold and mildew usually start to grow especially in the humid places such as the bathroom. This is why you want the grout to be perfectly clean at all. Well, here are some tips on how to clean the tile grout

by Jessica Taylor

How often should you clean the kitchen sink

How often should you clean the kitchen sinkKitchen is one of the dirtiest places at home and no matter how hard you try, there is always a dirty spot that needs your attention. Of course, you include mopping the floor and tidying up in your weekly cleaning chores but do you pay enough attention to the sink? Many people think that as soap and water are constantly running through the kitchen sink it does not need any additional cleaning. Well, that’s a completely wrong approach towards keeping the hygiene at home.

by Colin Duncan

Read this before you request your floor sanding service

Read this before you request your floor sanding serviceIn case your wooden floor is worn, scratched and stained, you don’t have to worry at all. There will be no need to save money for a brand new surface. All you have to do is to find a reliable provider of professional wood floor sanding services. Many owners of hardfloors bother, when they see, that regular floor cleaning doesn’t help. Read the information here below and be informed about some important details:

by Clarissa

How to impress your guests – home tips

How to impress your guests - home tipsWhen guests come every diligent housewife wants everything in the house to be perfect. No matter who will come (your mother or family friends), delicious dish and beautiful decoration are only part of the overall preparation. Today we will introduce some fresh ideas that would make a good impression even on the most critical guest.

by Daren Anselmo

Feng Shui tips for your workplace

Feng Shui tips for your workplaceDo you know, that compliance with several feng shui principles can improve workflow? If you’re interested, read carefully:

by Caren Blane